Family Engagement

The Family Engagement Program encourages the motivation and active participation of parents and/or caregivers in the educational process of their children. In addition, the Family Engagement supports parents and/or caregivers to achieve their own goal.

The Family Engagement Program has a team of professionals and volunteers highly committed to the success of the families. Priority is given to parents.


ESL Classes (English as a Second Language)
The purpose of the ESL Class (English as a Second Language) to develop verbal and written communication skills. This program is designed to help Hispanic families not only to increase the likelihood of employment but also to support their children’s educational development. We offer 3 levels (beginners, intermediate, conversational) in order to meet the diverse needs of participants.

GED Classes
The purpose of the GED Class is to support Hispanic families in completing an important academic milestone. Our hope is that with a GED, our participants will have an increased chance of finding employment, ultimately improving their quality of life. In addition, participants acquire skills and knowledge that will help them support their children’s educational development. The GED is an exam equivalent to the high school diploma and can be taken if an individual did not complete high school. To pass the exam, an individual must receive a ‘150’ or higher in each of the subjects (English, Science, Social Studies, Math). Program Benefits: 1) We focus on the four core subjects (English, Science, Social Studies, Math). 2) We offer multiple classes dedicated to the GED.

Spanish Classes
The purpose of the Spanish Class is for participants to develop verbal and written communication skills, as well as reading comprehension skills. Classes incorporate verbal activities in order for participants to develop the ability to communicate in Spanish fluently. In addition, you will learn about different Hispanic cultures, customs, and traditions. Why Spanish? 1) Spanish is the second most widely spoken language in the world and in the USA. 2) Knowing Spanish increases employment possibilities and options. 3) Learning the language allows you learn about other cultures.

Computer Classes (basic)
The purpose of the Computer Class is for participants to develop basic computer skills. Most jobs require a bit of computer training, so we teach basic skills that can increase office productivity.


All Family Engagement Programs are FREE!

Class Schedules
Classes are offered Monday—Thursday, in the mornings and evenings.
Each class lasts 12 weeks. Contact Esperanza for current session information. *Availability subject to change.

Program Enrollment
No appointment is required, just walk-in! Staff is available Monday-Friday, 8:30am—5:30pm.

Program Requirements
• Intake Process (enrollment form)
• Must be 18+ years of age or older.
• Commit to 1 full cohort: 1 session per week, for 12 weeks.
• Complete program pre-test & post-test.

Additional Services
In addition to our weekly programs, Family Engagement offers a Referral Service and workshops that provide relevant information to its participants.  Esperanza's workshops are created based on the needs of our client population.  Workshops address parent engagement issues, helping Hispanic parents learn how to best support their child's educational attainment through advocacy and support, as well as socio-economic issues that impact health and well-being.

Click here for a printable Family Engagement flyer.

For more information, contact our Family Engagement staff.

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