One On One Mentoring

One On One Mentoring

Through positive role modeling, we see multiple successes in our one on one mentoring program, from higher promotion and graduation rates; to improved academics and improved behavior. Mentors are Graduate and Medical students at local universities, professionals, and community members who complete a background check before getting matched.

Mentors commit up to 1 hour a month to the program through virtual communication and in-person meetings. Students and mentors are matched based on a personality assessment, personal and professional interests, and the student’s educational goals.

Once a mentor and mentee are matched and complete their initial meeting, their relationship begins to flourish; they plan future activities and meet independently.

Mentors are required to submit monthly reports to program staff, providing details on the activities, interactions, and discussions that have taken place for the month. Staff also conducts monthly phone conversations with mentors to monitor the relationship and assess whether the student would benefit from any additional resources/services.

Benefits of One On One Mentoring for Spanish-Speaking Students in Cleveland, Ohio

Our region boasts a vibrant and growing Spanish-speaking community. As our students navigate the educational landscape, having access to personalized support can be transformative. One on one mentoring programs, specifically those conducted in Spanish, offer a unique set of benefits that empower young learners to thrive, including but not limited to: 

1. Enhanced Language Acquisition
2. Academic Success and Confidence
3. Cultural Identity and Community
4. Social and Emotional Well-being
5. College and Career Preparation:

Mentors who have experience with higher education or specific career paths can offer invaluable guidance to Spanish-speaking students as they navigate their futures. They can:

Provide insights into college applications and financial aid: Mentors can offer guidance on navigating the college application process, scholarships, and financial aid options.

Explore career options: Mentors can share their own career journeys, introduce students to diverse professions, and help them develop strong interview skills.

Create a network of support: Mentors can connect students with professionals in their fields of interest, offering valuable networking opportunities and opening doors to future opportunities.

In conclusion, one on one mentoring programs offer a unique and powerful resource for Spanish-speaking students in Cleveland, Ohio. By providing personalized guidance, fostering cultural identity, and offering social and emotional support, these programs empower students to excel academically, thrive socially, and confidently navigate their paths toward a brighter future.

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