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Hispanic Youth Leadership Program

The Hispanic Youth Leadership Program | Our Organization

The Hispanic Youth Leadership Program (HYLP) provides after-school programs with the focus of student expression, reflective leadership, community service, life and employment skills, academics, career awareness, field trips and post-secondary education.

During programming, students participate in interactive discussions informed by ASPIRA and UNIDOS US curriculum to include speakers on subject matter relevant to the youth experience, as well as social determinants of health. Homework help and one-on-one support is also provided to assist with academic success, persistence, graduation, and social-emotional growth.

Group mentoring from our youth organization is offered twice monthly, after school and directly within each participating school. Sessions last 2 hours using the evidence-based curriculum from One Circle Foundation intertwined with curriculum from Unidos to ensure culturally specific elements. Students who want individual mentoring are assigned a mentor who is background checked and vetted by Esperanza to support academic and social emotional needs.

Programs locations include:                                        Students in our programs:

-Denison PreK-8 School

-Scranton PreK-8 School                                                 98% Graduate or get promoted from grade to grade

-Buhrer Dual Language Academy                                    90% Increase Social-Emotional Skills                                                      

-Joseph M. Gallagher School                                          100% HS students complete a Post-Secondary Plan

-International Newcomers Academy PreK-12                  Get introduced to Community Resources

-John Marshall School of Information Technology           Get introduced to our Adult Learner Program

-John Marshall School of Civic & Business Leadership

-Rhodes School of environmental Studies

-Bard High School Early College

-Lincoln-West School of Global Studies

-Lincoln-West School of Science and Health

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The Importance of Hispanic Youth Learning About Leadership Skills

Hispanic youth are the future of Cleveland. They make up a growing percentage of the city’s population, and their contributions to the community are essential. That’s why it’s so important for them to have access to opportunities to learn about and develop their leadership skills.

Hispanic Youth Leadership skills are valuable in all aspects of life, from school to work to community involvement. They can help young people to achieve their goals, make a difference in their communities, and become successful adults.

Young Leaders: The Future of Cleveland

Cleveland is a city of diversity and opportunity. Hispanic youth are a vital part of our community, and their leadership is essential to our future. That’s why we must invest in their development and provide them with the opportunities they need to succeed. Let’s support them and help them to reach their full potential.

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