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Michael Ortiz

October 17, 2018

I have been a scholarship recipient of Esperanza for four years, and in those four years, I have been an active volunteer dedicating my time and efforts to giving back to the community that first gave so much to me.  The reason why I serve in this capacity is to impact somebody in the same way I was impacted through the Esperanza community.

Aside from the financial support, it was the countless relationships that I cultivated that served me in many different ways. It was the energy of the volunteers at the earlier events I attended that really showed their dedication to better our college experience as well as our personal lives as scholars.”

Michael is a student at Cleveland State studying Organizational Leadership and Biology. He enjoys reading, writing, and long drives with no destination in mind. Michael serves as the VP of the Esperanza Alumni Association.

We thank Michael for his commitment to Esperanza!

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