Líderes Avanzando

Líderes Avanzando

Líderes Avanzando supports first-generation Latino students in their first and second years of college. The program helps students understand the higher education system and graduate with a college degree within a reasonable timeframe, less than six years. Through team-building activities, monthly workshops and events, students receive support services relevant to their experiences.

This program takes place at Esperanza’s office, located at 3104 W. 25th St, Cleveland, OH 44109.

Program Benefits:

- $400 stipend for students who successfully complete the
program, develop skills to better navigate the college experience.

- Foster resilience and identify new opportunities within your
community, work on a resume, form meaningful relationships with peers, get in graduation mode.


- Must be a current freshman or sophomore in college.


4 pm – 6:30 pm


Cohort A              Cohort B

1/20/2021               1/19/2021

1/25/2021               1/26/2021

2/1/2021                2/2/2021

2/8/2021             2/9/2021

2/22/2021            2/23/2021

3/1/2021              3/2/2021

3/22/2021           3/23/2021

4/5/2021              4/6/2021

4/12/2020           4/13/2020

4/26/2020            4/27/2020




For more information, contact our Post-Secondary staff.

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